Rangeley Lakes Ride 2003

This was a spectacular ride!  The weather cooperated and was a sunny day.  The ride was led and organized by David D ... thanks David.  The friends, the views, the roads and the weather combined made this such a great ride.

If any of you that participated in this ride would like a high resolution copy of any of the photos let me know.  I will keep the high res pictures for awhile before I erase that disk.


First stop ... great views

Another angle ... it gets better!

Nine bikes with eleven people

Relaxing for just a little bit

Just incredible!

Another stop

Arnie taking it easy

Elicia relaxing a bit

NICE place

Great views ...

"Silent Jim", he's not that silent!


Dwight "Laddy Boy"


Paul "Wall(nut)"

Paul and his "reverse" :)


Jim "Silent Jim"

David D

Tom "TC"

TC offroad

Kim and Elicia

Don, Kim, Elicia, Jeff

Yet another great view


Rangeley plaque

Overlooking Rangeley Lake

Another WOW picture

Don & Kim

Don "V-MAN" and Kim "Mrs V"



About ready to scoot

Jeff & Elicia ot the gourge

The gourge

Another view of falls

Yep ... their swimming

Kim and Paul ... look at the pinky finger ;) Paul's a "tea and crumpet" man!