North East Motorcycle Expo - Wilmington, MA

Had an awesome time with a great group of friends ... "BDADI2D" was deemed "Special Interest" category by the judges.  Competition in the same category included Bourgets, Boss Hoss and other very custom machines.  BDADI2D did very well considering this was a V-Twin show for the most part.  Took second place in category and also took "Best Detail" in the entire show!  It was great to just sit back and watch the reaction of the people look the Valk over ... Got an invitation to show BDADI2D at another show in Worcester, MA but I think I'll pass ... shows are cool every now and again but not EVERY week!  Enjoy the pictures.


BDADI2D @ The NE Expo

Another shot of Valk

Harley got "Best Chrome"

"Best Detail" and second place in "Special Interest" category

Yamaha ... Third place in Asian/Euro category

"Best of Show" and "People's Choice"

Radical Class ...

Nice Triumph Chopper

Trophies to be won this weekend

Another chopper

Nice ('43) trike

Bourget ... "Special Interest" category ... direct competition for BDADI2D

502 Boss Hoss ... "Special Interest"

350 Boss Hoss

V-MAN checking out the "little bike"

350 Boss Hoss

Oh yea! Now checking out the "big bike"

I could get used to this!

Very nice chopper, "Special Interest", custom machine

Mickey Mouse ... Asian/Euro First Place Winner

Giraffe Suzuki ... Asian/Euro Second Place

These two NUTS were the only bikes "on the road" here!

Fun for ALL ages!

Betsy's "Pink Machine"!

The crowd ...

More crowds ...

Even more crowds ...

And still more people ...

Bernie gets a new shirt ... "yes Bets" ...

Spiderman getting trophy ... Third Place Asian/Euro

V-MAN Second Place ... "Special Interest"

Picking up trophy ...

Second place in class ... tough competition

Best Detail ... entire show!

My new Valkyrie

Christmas present from Kim!

Another view of my new bike!