North East Motorcycle Expo 2004

Entered BDADI2D in the Expo again.  Won two trophies, Second Place in Class (Special Interest) and Best Engine for show.  The Valk is for sale so this show was many done to have the bike "seen" by a large group.  Here are some pictures of the event. Not as many as I would have liked to have taken but better then none at all. 

I don't know if I will enter another "Ken & Marv Production" show or if I will even attend another.  I think there are too many "conflict of interest" going on!  Such as judges entering their personal bikes and friends bikes ... then winning cash and trophies!  We were not treated very well by the daughter of one promoter either while trying to register.  They need to realize that we the entrants and we the visitor are the reason they have a house, food and the Hummers to ride around in!  They need us the "bikers" more then we need them ... the promoter.  End of sermon, off my soap box now!


BDADI2D All Set Up

Another View of The Valk

BDADI2D On Display

Very Nice Restoration

Too Funny ...

Ben Getting His Trophy

Bernie's New Friend

Where Is Bernie?

Best Engine Trophy

Betsy Needs A Scooter Bernie!

Bourget Bike Works - 145 S&S Tribute Bike

I Love The Integration of Tank/Bottle

BBW Was In My Class - Special Interest

Brittany Came Down From NH To See The Show

Humm ... Old School Triumph

Second Place Class Trophy

Friendly Vendors Everywhere!

This guy was a trip - NICE guy!


Another View

Old Panhead

On Board DVD Player - Front and Rear Screen

"Is that your orange bike" - Too Funny Bernie

Triumph Custom

A Shot of SpiderBike with BDADI2D