2003 Boss Hoss

I have been looking at V8 powered motorcycles for about three years.  I looked at Boss Hoss, Big Brute and Kannon.  After riding a Boss Hoss at Daytona Bikeweek (2003) I was very interested. I was finally pushed over the edge of interest to must have when I rode a friends bike in August ... thanks Lamont!  I really love this bike! I used to think my "blown" valk was fast ... the Boss makes the Valkyrie seem like a toy in both power and size.

I will add links and more info as time goes on and I learn more myself.  For now enjoy the pictures and shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions!  If you have a link or info pertaining to the Boss Hoss please forward - thanks. :)


Front View Boss Hoss

Little Bear and The Boss Hoss

Reserved Parking Spot

Left Side View

Dragging Pegs

This bike handles the twisties GREAT

Left Side View

Amber W/Boss Hoss

Right Side View

Main Brain Mounted

12 Volt Power Source Off Solinoid

Shows Perimeter Sensor Mounted and Turn Signal Connections

Shows Antenna Routing


Boss and the Wall

Thanks : Dan McNeil (Artist) Plymouth, MA